About us


Designing the collection of Strength of Spirit jewellery
was inspired from screw which represents vigor and patience.
The Power of positivity is a vital factor in mankind’s daily
life because the strength activates the spirit and connects
to the divine from within; giving the power to live a life
of purpose and fulfillment.

Majestic Spirit Collection

Exquisite Engagement and wedding jewellery designed to bring joy and glee to your special day. Wazna’s appealing bridal & engagement collection showcases charm and breathtaking brilliance of diamonds in different designs that expel classic elegance.


Since Wazna is known for empowering women, the collection Rank was made and inspired by the Arab culture giving women strength and power. The rank is a piece of art that fuses between tradition and modernity; It complements women gowns with unique Jewellery that can be worn on the shoulders or around the waist as a belt.


A collection of fine jewellery inspired by love symbolizing eternal feeling. The theme has been made for honoring family, motherhood, iconic love stories, and dedications to nature. The modesty of the design adds to its captivation, and the entire Love collection follows a similar form but different styles: available in white, rose or yellow gold, and with or without diamond adornments.